Hi, soon I want to begin developing an online spoken english language course which will require the following features:

1) Student login-in facility (student account)
2) Point and click interfaces - no typing required
3) Log of student activity - which modules they have successfully completed - to be emailed to a central database.

I am wondering which programming language would be the best to use in this day and age to complete such a project. I hope this isn't too broad a question - please ask any questions if you need me to provide more detail.

It really doesn't have to be too complex - I am looking for simple in design and low requirements from the user's computer - i.e. not having to download special plug-ins, etc.

Many thanks,


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Since you're going to be connecting HTTP Request, Database exchanges, etc..., I'd recommend going with a high-level language such as ASP.NET with C#. ASP.NET along with C# (or VB) comes with an eccentric library containing all of the classes and functions you'd need for what you're trying to do. If you're familiar with these technologies, I would say go for it. Something like this can also be done via PHP/Javascript as well, but I find Visual Studio's IDE along with the help of the .NET library to be much more time efficient.

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You are talking about E-learning. There are some standards to follow like scorm, AICC etc. Moodle is one of the Learning Management System which facilitates your need.

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