Could you get html codes in the software, after finishing the wireframe design?

At the web site it states "export to HTML." But I worry here because if you didn't read the web pages, what other questions could you be asking?

I see a lot of spam posts like "Have you seen/tried/used BLANK app/software?" Sorry if I question your motives here.

commented: Hi, thank you so much for confirming my questions. I'm just having doubts on purchasing the app, since I'm just really new with the software. +0

Prototypes can be exported to HTML with the paid version, but unfortunately not with the free version. However, I believe (but might be wrong) that there's a free trial of the paid verison availabe.

commented: Hi Dani, thank you for confirming. I'm currently using the free version right now. Maybe that's the reason, I can't opt to export the html. +0

Yes, but I think the free trial might have the functionality for one time use. Good luck.

Nice post

yes! you can add plugins to the website;

  1. Click on the plugins on adope photoshop or any software that you are using to create wireframes.
  2. Click on documents from the menu bar.
  3. Click HTML 5 files and save that file.
  4. Now copy/paste or drag that file into the folder of calender.
  5. now click on that file to open it.
  6. You will get access to HTml and css code of that wireframe.
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