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Today many of them are creating the website in WEB 1.0 or Web 2.0 .
I have found a nice article on Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 differences which could help you in distinguishing between them ,

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Thanx. Although it doesnt give the top 10, they are still looking to compile a list of the top 10

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AJAX indeed does power Google's AutoSave.
The whole back-button conundrum-- was it any better with old-school cgi apps? Those are horrible in comparison.
I think web 2.0 is another catchphrase for interactive websites using newer and more powerful technologies such as rich javascript and powerful serverside frameworks and languages.
web 1.0 also is a catchphrase, but it is a derogatory one coined with web 2.0 that means, this site is old and needs some work.
To a certain extent it doesn't matter... take a look at http://www.web20generator.com/.
It's more of an umbrella phrase that people use to describe things.
For all that it matters, we could be at web five-million point three.

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