Hi all - I have a simple question, which I'm sure must have a simple answer. I am trying to make a 32x32, or 48x48, 8-bit, or 32-bit alpha-blended color logo to be used for a desktop icon when my ebook is downloaded using winZip self extracting Zip file. My attempt at downloading Microsoft AppStudio, the ImagEdit program distributed with Windows SDK have failed. They just don't open on my PC with Windows XP. My questions are: (1) How do I find the full program (not just an update or patch) for Visual FoxPro 3.0, or alternatively (2) The full name of all or any graphics tools that will do the same job. The URL's in both cases will be a big help.
Thank you ....Bob

I'll take a shot at it bongo (like the handle) don't really understand the question cause you made a simple question LONG and complicated. But what you saying is you want to convert(1)/create(2) a icon to replace an existing one. Simple! yes.

Here's what you'll need:

(1) Axialis Iconworkshop
(2) Photoshop

Install iconworkshop. open it, it'll pick up you have photoshop installed and give you an option to install a plugin. Creation sorted. Now on to replacing the icon. Even easier, can't fully remember iconworkshop's menu system, but mess around, it is there.

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