I use Windows 98. Rundll32 is present whenever I boot up. It hogs up the computer resources. I run NAV & Ad-Aware religiously. The only malware I can't get rid of is VX2 BetterInternet even with the Ad-Aware VX2cleaner addon (it says my system is clean). I don't know if these 2 issues are related. How do I get rid of either?

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You may do better to post this in the Security Forum instead...there one of the security experts can help you as far as spyware/malware goes. :)


You don't want to remove rundll32, it is required by Windows, as it loads DLL files up to run as applications. That said, rundll32 can be used to load and register virii, (example: Lovegate virus), so you need to find out what exactly Rundll32 is running before I can help you.

Deonnanicole is correct, you should try reposting this in the Security area, as there are a number of very skilled people there that will likely be able to help you figure out what is running, and whether it is needed.



L2M files are slightly different in 9x,
1.) Scan with the finder, select files it finds and delete them.
2.) During the deletion the utility will end both Rundll32 & explorer.exe processes, so when all files are gone.
3.) Click the restore desktop button to get the desktop back.
4.) Click UserAgent$ to delete last registry item.
5.) Clear the contents of your C:\Windows\Temp folder

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