I am getting an error message after the initial boot up of my computer:


I am barely computer literate and desperately need help to get rid of this.

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your start up program is reffering to a file it cannot find, maybe you delete some thing from the PC, it could also be a spyware/malware on your pc, causing this problem. to get rid og the error message, follow these steps.
Click Start, >run, type msconfig in the box hit enter, when system confiuration utility comes up click on the startup tab, look in the list for location C:\PROGRA~1\MYWEBS~1\BAR\2.BIN\mwsbar.dll, remove the check mark beside it. then click apply then ok, you will be ask you to restart the pc, you can restart immediately or continue to work on the pc until you are ready to restart. i alos suggest you download and run Spybot Search and Destroy or adaware to scan for malware /spyware on your pc

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