Yesterday I was surfing the internet for "nvidia 6800 GT" under google, and I clicked on one of the pages I saw and it was a review page for the video card and after I closed IE there were about 20 different icons on my desktop that werent there before, and I deleted most of the spyware but now I get this (attached file) and when I run the virus program it cant find the virus... At the time I got this virus I just re installed windows about 2 days before and I had no anti virus program (big mistake) so I think the best bet if I cant get this problem straightend out is to just re install windows again =\

I ran housecall too with no luck =\ :( :( :(

You can do a system restore to a point before that time

ps wheres your name?

You can do a system restore to a point before that time

ps wheres your name?

▄▌▄ ∑ IS his name I think.

system restore doesnt work ive tried that, it says cant complete...blah blah I cant restore at all

From Symantec:

Windows uses System Restore to restore files on your computer in case they become damaged. System Restore is enabled by default. Windows Me keeps the restore information in the _RESTORE folder. Windows XP stores this information in the System volume information folder. These folders are updated when the computer restarts. If the computer is infected with a virus, the virus could be backed up in these folders.

I believe the system restore is your problem, the a/v software can't do anything to the file since Windows won't let you alter restore data. If you look at the location of the file referenced in the error you captured, it looks like this is a file contained within a system restore. You should be able to get around it by disabling system restore and rebooting, run the scan and then after it finishes turn the system restore back on:

To disable System Restore (same to turn it back on too!)

  1. Click Start > My Computer.
  2. Click Properties.
  3. On the System Restore tab, check Turn off System Restore.
  4. Click Apply > click OK.
  5. Restart the computer.

Good luck.

I think Im going to just do a fresh install tommorow but thanks alot guys, I wont loose any valuble data