I have windows 2000 on my machine and I am facing the following problems:

1. I get a message "Norton detected a virus infected file: C:\Windows\system32\lsass.exe "BLOODHOUND.Packed" Cannot repair it. I have scanned my machine after opeing it in the safe mode. Still no use.

2. I also could not find the ia.dll file as suggested by some forums to delete it.

3. Most importantly, my system's is barely crawling :cry: I cant open any application without a delay of 2-3 mins (It has a 2GHz processor) !

4. Applications like eclipse wont even start !!!

5. Finally I am unable to shutdown my machine normally. I have to manually switch it off.

Please help me...

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Hi sawani_bade....

First of all, I would consider making a back up of all nessesary files before doing anything else. Make sure to scan everything you put into the back up for virii.

I would then seriously consider doing a complete re-install of windows, and as soon as you have, do a complete 'windows update'

Every windows machine becomes sluggish over time, and when it gets unbearable, you have to manually weed out un-needed files, and run registry shrinking tools to claw back some performance. Sadly doing this often back-fires.

When my PC becomes sluggish to the point that I can no longer bare, I just do a re-install.

Its a shame windows has this issue... linux appears to be free from this to a certain degree.

Good luck anyway.

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