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We ask that all members who use the advice given here to be prudent before deleting any files by backing up their data.
There may be occasion when unfortunately, the wrong advice is inadvertantly given.Hijackthis is a very powerful tool & must be used with wisdom. If there is anything you are uncertain about, search google for information while waiting for a response from our members here.
Assistance is offered in good faith and should be received in good faith. It's a wise person who makes sure their data is backed up safely before diving deep into the heart of their Operating System. And that's exactly what the tools used in here do.
Remember we're all here to help and not everybody is an Expert. And even the Experts don't necessarily get it all right all the time.
A little wrong move, a bit of bad luck, and your system might stop working altogether! It doesn't happen often but it's YOUR job to be ready in case it does.

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