Help.. I think something may be wrong with my computer, it is extremely slow and when I go to run adaware it just shuts down on me.. this is very frustrating!! Any ideas on how I can fix this?

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Try rebooting into safe mode and running Ad Aware form there.

To boot into safe mode, hit the F8 key as the computer is restarting; just at the point where Windows is first starting up (right after the text screen where all of the BIOS info scrolls by).


I think the problem is that my sister downloaded Kazaa on to our computer and it infected us, will pressing F8 work anytime something like this happens?


For all versions of Windows, pressing the F8 key at boot-up is the standard method of bringing up a startup menu where you can choose what mode to boot into. The menu options differ between different versions of Windows, but Safe Mode is always one of the options.

In safe mode, Windows starts/loads only the most basic components that it needs to function. Many malicious programs are programmed to start automatically when Windows is booted in normal mode, so by booting into safe mode you keep these programs from loading, and thereby keep them from interfering with your spyware and virus removal efforts.

Does that answer your question?

(By the way- yes, Kazaa and other filesharing programs are some of the worst offenders when it comes to distributing adware and spyware.)

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