Hi all
I was wondering if someone can help me.I have a hard drive that is under the influence of virus es(and probably some other mean creatures.lol)and perhaps has corrupted windows files.the HD is slaved in my machine @ the moment

Heres what happened:the client came to me and defined what his problem was I immediately recognized the problem as a virus.gave him the anti virus softies,he installed and ran it on his system.while the scan was running for some reason he did a shutdown on his machine. Ever since then whenever he started his machine it came up tremendously slow,after the log in the processor would work amazingly hard(85-100%) without any user processors running. after five minutes or so it will cool of,however when you do something after a couple of seconds it will freeze.
Note:the num lock/caps lock can go on/of-mouse movement is there but thats it

I am scanning the drive at the moment but if anyone knows of software that can fix it or what it might be I will gladly appreciate it.working under tight schedule

Thanx Dani peeps ;)

Heres what the problem was and what I did
refering to my previous post the user did a shutdown on his machine while the computer was doing a virus scan.After concluding the problem I realised that there was indeed two small viruses and one trojan on his machine.The antivirus program was going to remove it but because he did a shutdown not only didn't it detect/repair it but also corrupted the registry because it was busy scanning some system files at current(as he told me afterwards)

So I had 2 viruses and a trojan and a malfunctioning registry.I went in using safe mode and ran the virus scans,after some research I installed both registry fix and Registry Mechanic and had it run a registry repair atleast 3 times with both programs

Up until this point everything is still running fine.Ill be sending the users machine back to day

Thanx though