When I goto start and right click, then select, explore...it loads the folder tree of all my stuff, it also shows an icon for my dvd drive and an icon for my network places...and one day I noticed this icon that was never ever there before.

Under the above mentioned icons...there is another icon that says:
memory_card on 'Hp0016359f9375' (Z:)

When I left click on it, a small window pops open and says:
Z:\is not accessible
An unexpected network error occurred

If I right click it, and choose properties it says TYPE:Network Drive and File System:RAW
Also, when I right click it, there is an option listed that says 'disconnect' so when I click on that, the screen jumps and it disappears from the explore tree.

As I said this thing has never been there before and I really dont understand what it is. Is it possible that someone has installed some kind of memory storing device somewhere on my network...I just dont understand why this is showing up. Please if someone can try and give me some ideas on what I can do to try and figure this out. Thanks in advance for any help.


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Sounds like you mapped a drive to z:. Can you give a little more information about your network? Is it a workgroup or domain? How many PC's? If you go to my computer does the z: drive show up? If so where does it say it is mapped to?

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