I've been using bittornado to download some files recently but I keep getting the yellow light, which means my system is behind a firewall or proxy server.

The download speed is around 2kb/sec, and it shouldn't be so as I use a fast broadband connection.

I have turned off the windows firewall and the wireless modem firewall (by going through the to access my modem options.

But the problem is still there. Can someone tell me how to turn off the firewall or enable port fowarding/triggering or do anything to stop this problem from occurring?


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Control panel-> Sevurity Center->Manage Security Settings for Windows Firewall->Genaral Tab->Choose Off then press OK


The problem is not the firewall, the problem is your attitude of making your computer wide open to the world.


you'd be better off downloading at a different time. the download speed is more likely to be limited by the capacity of the server you are downloading from and the number of people accessing it. i.e. capacity divided by people online = not a lot. ever wondered why on a two meg line you can only download from microsoft at about 12-14kbps! if your firewall is off and you're file sharing be prepared for lots of nasties in your pc, these will slow it down further by stealing bandwidth. keep your firewalls on configured for the ports you need. and run good antivirus(AVG free's not bad) and antispyware(ad-aware and spybot together) every week.
if you don't do this i charge very reasonable rates for data recovery for when your system dies, which it will!

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