I'm running windows xp and once i have logged in this message appears twice
'the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005)'.
Then the desktop background image is all that can be seen and no icons/ menus
i can access programs using the task manager
i have used registry first aid and deleted all the files i thought may have been recently installed (they are backed up)

I was thinking about copying the files to a hard disk and reformatting but this seems over the top. Is there a simple result? other forums all seem to say different things.
It's possible that i'm not using the registry first aid software properly.
Any help gratefully received.:-/

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Does the message tell you what application failed to initialize?

You shouldn't have to reformat. If you feel that your system is running properly other than this (programs are responsive when loaded, no viruses, ect,...) you can do a "repair" install, which should fix the issue without deleting files and setting.

PS: It's not a bad idea to back files up before a repair if you're not familiar with windows installations, just in case you do something wrong.


The full message is
userinit.exe failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005). Click ok to terminate the program.
I click ok and i am left with only a desktop background image no menus.

To back up my documents i go into task manager but i can't select all and copy onto a hard disk which leaves me a bit stuck.

Any ideas?

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