I just recently discovered a new bug...well, new to me, anyway. While running the usual scans in safe mode (AdAware, Spybot, SmitfraudFix, HijackThis, etc.) on a customer's computer, it suddenly blue-screened on me, then went to a Windows XP splash page, then another blue screen, and so on in what appeared to be a boot loop. At first, I thought that what ever bug I killed went down fighting and took some system files with it, until I stared paying attention. The computeer never actually went to a POST screen, it went straight from the BSOD to the splash screen-which somehow didn't look quite right-and then into the desktop, skipping the login screen, then back to the BSOD, and so on. There were six BSOD error messages, all different, and all totally bogus, some even made-up sounding (PANIC_STACK_ERROR? anyone ever heard of that?)....So I hit the space bar, and the BSOD went away and I was back to my AdAware scan in safemode! Now, I've dealt with rogues and Smitfraud before, but this is just mean! A rogue is designed to frighten the user into buying a bogus protection program, but what other purpose could this have than to cause heart failure? I haven't tracked it down yet, and google isn't providing any leads, so I thought I'd ask the masters here at DaniWeb. What is it and where is it so I can kill it? The closest I've gotten is a running service in "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\dlcicoms.exe" . Any ideas? Thanks for your suggestions in advance! A.

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I, myself, have recieved this same problem. It comes from malware checker. It's called Malware Protection 2008. I think it's interesting. We need to start sueing these idiots.

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