Can any one please tell me which is the best anti virus whn the following two r compared:

2-Trend Micro

Please give the reasons as well

Thanks & Regards,

Hey there,

I've spent sometime with this particular question and finally..and very happily, opted for Panda Security as my preferred business solution.

The reason I did so was that their "Cloud" offering, (Cloud Office Protection) is just so much more mature than the competitors, ease of use and functionality is exactly what we needed and with the ability to have a Partner console giving us linked visibility of all our clients under one console was just perfect.

Also we have to consider detection rates, this is a potential minefield of a topic, best thing is to test it your self and don't just believe what your sent when enquiring ! I've found Panda has a fatastic detection rate, and with the new online scanning engine built in has even reduced the possibilities further for zero day threats also.

One of the best things though is footprint, compared to the others I've used Panda was non intrusive into the general operation of the PC's being used ensuring performance was never hindered.. and ultimately the user :) and me.

Hope that helps.

I'd hope that he had sorted his antivirus software out by now considering that question was asked 2.5 years ago :)

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