I am in need of updating my antivirus program since my current Norton subscription has just expired. I have chosen Avast4 (AVG was close 2nd), but first message that came up when started to install Avast4 was 'found another antivirus program on your system, do you want to continue?'. I had disabled Norton already.
Questions - Should I continue with install? Note that I would like to keep the Internet Security part of Norton, and I saw on couple of forums that uninstalling Norton can be a problem!

Also Firewalls - I have WinXP SP2, D-Link Router, and Norton firewalls on my system, but don't know if any of them are properly configured (really have not looked at them). Note that I did install latest version of Zone Alarm about a month ago, but had problems with it, so disabled.
Question - Can I have more than 1 firewall on my system without conflicts?

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You will find that only one firewall will work correctly. I tried that a while ago using Norton and Sygate firewalls. Sygate was the one that reacted first all the time, leaving Norton redundant.
You should be able to uninstall Norton AV without removing Internet Security.
You probably should uninstall Zone Alarm.
Some AV's will not install when there is already a product installed on your PC.

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