Say i am using my computer for the last hour or so and decide to restart or (turn off and start again) 95% of the time the computer restart and ask me for my user name to log in, when I try to log in , it takes a while (say 10-20 sec ) before I see my desk top and while still in the process of completing the start up , the computer shuts off unexpectedly.(still power is on). I briefly saw an error message says " cannot load power (something)" before it shuts down and cannot clearly see what is that (something) possibly some file extension like .dll,but not sure. 5% of the time it will not even restart ,just shuts down on its first attempt to restart not even giving me the log in window.No matter how many times I try restarting this pattern persists, but if I LET THE COMPUTER " COOL DOWN" FOR SAY HALF AN HOUR THEN I have no problem logging in. I recently had a " about blank " hijacker and removed it using CWShredder. In my computer MS service pack 2, Spybot S& D, CWShredder,Mozilla and IE are all installed. Please help me to solve this problem, Thanks (is this due to overheating? but I never had this prob before the home page hijack)

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If you still require assistance, please download HijackThis from here & unzip it into it's own, permanent folder, (Not a temporary folder or the desktop (in a folder on the desktop is fine) & not directly on your hard drive). If you prefer an executable file, then download from here.
If you have anything disabled in MsConfig, please re-enable it/them.
Start HJT & press the scan button. When the scan is finished the scan button will change to save. Save the log to a text file, copy the entire contents of the text file & paste it into the body of your post. DO NOT FIX ANYTHING YET. Most of what is there is necessary for the running of your system.

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