is it possible to have a virus on a network.

every time i try to connect to a mac computer over the network from my pc my computer restarts?

anyone know what could be causing this.

i have followed all the instructions from the sticky posts above and i am just waiting for Malwarebytes Anti Malware to finish running now before i post my logs up. (usually takes about 3 hours to run).

i have ran the eset online scanner, dss scanner, microsoft malicious software removal tool, atf cleaner and the hijack this misc tools section. all these logs will be uploaded soon

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that is where i was going to post the logs from the scans i have completed. i just wanted to know if a network could have a virus not just the computers attached to the network.


You also said you were about to upload the logs :). All the pc's connected to the network can be infected. As to whether the network itself can be infected......I've not seen it myself.

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