I am new here. so new that I haven't figured out how to do all this here. I am hoping someone will answer and help out a damsel in distress. everytime I try to go to yahoo.com or my yahoo email.. it resets itself to "about:blank" I think I've been hijacked. I can go to msn.com, or google.com but can't do anything on yahoo. please help me.. I do have hijack.exe and can run the log but I am so totally frustrated right now. It doesn't help matters much that a teenager who just got her permit drove her car through my garage tonight (literally). Please make my night a bit brighter and at least help me solve this computer problem. I will be eternally grateful.. Gbear0403

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download, update, and run this spyware cleaner:
then download and run this:
The first cleans off spyware, the 2nd restores winsock files.
When you click the links just wait the download will begin automatically.
They are pretty self explanitory to use just be patient and read.
If that doens't work let me know. (By posting again in this thread)


Thankyou very much for your suggestions...DMR, Crunchie, and another also made similar suggestions and the computer seems to be back to normal. Now if you have any suggestions on handling my 15y/o son who caused the problem in the first place, those suggestions are welcomed-LOL... better yet, still seeking out a buyer for him..going cheap-LOL! J/T, he is a good son, and I wouldn't know what to do without him(except have a problem free computer for a while)


Hey again gbear,

I think some of us might have already responded to the "teenage son" issue, but basically: that problem really is up to you and he to sort out; technology doesn't have the Ultimate Answer there. You can certainly install all sorts of different software "solutions", but any teenager worth his/her weight is going to be able to bypass most of it unless you're very dilligent about things.

Also keep in mind that it doesn't take going to "questionable" websites to get infected with adware/spyware/etc. anymore; I have single, 50+ year-old clients who have no "bad" surfing habits at all, but due to not taking some basic precautions, even they get infected.

As for selling him goes- I can tell from experience that you can often pawn teenagers off to the Bedouins, but as they barter primarilly in camels, you need a heck of a lot of real estate available if you want to cinch the deal. :mrgreen:

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