Hello. This morning while browsing i became infected with something. Did AVG Scan and Adaware scans, both turn up nothing but tracking cookies. After becoming infected the text size for google is bigger, all search results are slow and jump to go.google.com and different advertizing. I can not use links to enter a web page. I have to manually type it in. AVG will not update, (says no connection) when i am indeed online. No online scanner will run, tried trendmicro, panda, ect. It seems to not let me download anything. When i go to a webpage that starts an automatic download the page comes up as unavailable. This includes ATF--Cleaner.exe, Hijack This, Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, : aswell as these scanners.
• ESET Online Scanner
• Kaspersky Online Scanner
• Panda Active Scan
• Trend Micro HouseCall
• F-Secure Online Virus Scanner

I ran AVG Comand Line Composer in safe mode and it found 2 infections. After i logged back into normal windows i was able to update AVG. After updating i did a fullscan, and 1/4 the way through it i got a message that came up saying that a restart was being initiated by NT authority\system. Also halfway through typing this post the restart happened again, same error when i was running a scan on C:\program files. Anytime i run avg in normal mode it shuts down after an error. The webpage thing is not limited to just google, any search i run ends up with the same results.
My personal knowledge is exhausted and with not being able to download and cleaners, i am lost. Anyone? Thanks!

Run AVG in Safe Mode. Do a full system scan and fix everything it finds.

Have you tried Safe Mode with Networking? You may be able to at least download HJT & Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware that way.

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