I have a problem that came about a few days ago. My internet explorer is opening up a half dozen windows on me. http://filescheck-list303.com/2009/9/_freescan.php?aid=77052104

that was one of them, another one deals with security, another is dumb and dumber. Not sure if this is some new virus or malware, but can't figure out how to get rid of it.

I ran spybots and downloaded some program from microsoft which slowed it up a bit but didn't eliminate it.
I also raised my security level to high but still doing it.

one of the windows that comes up ishttp://www.quizrocket.com/dumb-test/6?gatherer_id=100449&utm_source=100449&utm_medium=Pop&utm_campaign=Dumb6

I don't understand how this quizrocket is on my blocked websites and it still comes up?

I looked through my open processors in task manager and i looked through programs . I can't be sure I remember what should be there, but nothing stuck out in my mind.

I am wondering if anyone can shed some light on this other than it being just plain malware.

I've started using firefox and have no problem. I may just stay with that although every once in awhile i click on explorer and 7 windows open up. Any suggestions

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Hi and welcome to daniweb,
My advice would be to follow the steps given HERE Follow all steps, especially make note about cleaning out with ATF-Cleaner before beginning. Complete all steps but ignore the step with DSS scanner as it is having issues at this time. Substitute instead a run of HiJackThis, which you can download HERE
Post back here with all logs requested and also please be sure, if the instructions tell you to Remove everything found then please do so.

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