Spybot reports:Error during check!
2020Search (Ungüliger Datentyp für ")
No immediate threats were found.

I've already checked out: http://www.spywareguide.com/product_show.php?id=640
2020search.dll, bjam.dll, mspphe.dll aswel as the process mssvr.exe is not on my system.

Running processes look alright.
I can't find anything strange in my HJT-log

So now I'm stuck..

You probably want my HJT-log so I attached it. (prob. against forum rules :o )

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C:\WINDOWS\Outlock.exe - Seltsam ... you should check this with an online-scanner, z.B. hier:

Nope.. Outlock is my MS outlook mail alerter
Never had problems with it and kaspersky thinks its fine.


Outlock is my MS outlook mail alerter

Ok, I couldn't find too much about it with Google. To me, your Log-File looks clean.



The log looks okay to me too, but you're using an older version. You should get v.1.98.2 and post another log. When you scan with HJT, make sure all browswer windows are closed. Also, it would be better if you posted the log rather then an attachment.

One more thing, CTHELPER.EXE should be disabled:
From sysinfo, Quote:
CTHELPER is a background task that is a plug-in manager for Creative drivers. The theory is that 3rd party manufacturers can use the CTHELPER plug-in interface to produce drivers, add-on features, and fixes that will integrate with a tighter fit with Creative’s sound drivers and utilities. Given its purpose CTHELPER would normally be classified as a "leave alone" background task. It also allows Creative speaker setup to be synchronized with Windows Control Panel speaker setting. Without it running that check box in Creative speaker setting is not functional (settings are not in sync). Unfortunately there are often problems with CTHELPER, most notably that it can use 100% of CPU time so it's best left disabled unless you need it.


Ok. Nothing wrong with my system I guess.

It seems that Spybot has a bug..
I just took a peek at their Forum.

Although, anyone receiving this message cannot and should not trust the results Spybot gives them!!!

Best regards,

ps: I removed CTHELPER.EXE

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