I'm not completely sure this is a virus but its definately posing a significant problem for me. Basically, the other day my computer randomly rebooted and as soon as it reloaded windows(2000 pro) it would reboot again. This is a hard shut down, not done through windows just a complete system reboot. It will continue to do so until I shut the computer off completely. Even in safe mode this will happen, although rather than it happening as soon as explorer loads I usually have about 3-5 minutes to attempt to run hijackthis or something, but its never long enough to really figure out what the problem is. For all I really know this may not be a virus at all, but its kinda looking that way. Just before the system restarted the first time Internet Explorer began crashing over and over. I think thats about all the info I have, if anyone can help it would of course be great. :)

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A virus is definitely a possibility, but dont rule out a hardware problem. Random reboots are often caused by a bad power source or an overheated processor. Check and make sure the processor's heatsink is situated properly and that thermal grease is applied to the cpu.

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