ok, so i am addicted to my AIM. and all of the sudden i cant send messages. it logs in fine, i get my buddy list, and people can send me messages....but i cant send messages to anyone, it wont let my type anything into the box. i tryed removing aim from my computer and then reloading it, but that didnt work. if you have any idea, please let me know. thanks so much!!

oh, im using windows XP on a toshiba satellite pro and the last thing i added was spybot S+D and that didnt find anything that helped

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ok, so heres the REALLY weird part about this. I have my screan names linked, and the only one that i cant send messages on is my main name. Im downloading the hijack this now, will let you know how that goes, and no, i dont have dead aim (to be honest, i dont know what that is). so, thats the news for now....


ok, so i did the hijackthis and got the log, now where am i supposed to post it??

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