OK, i`ll explain this as best i can.

my pc has been used throughout the day, no problem. Oddly though, A2 and adaware scans were totally clear, usually they pick things up.

After dinner, my Dell wireless keyboard seemed slow to respond - they keys didn`t work. I did a stuoid thing, and pressed loads at once, like a pianist running his fingers over keys.

then, things flashed up on he screen too quick for me to read, and all went to normal.

BUT i could not use my keyboard, in firefox or thunderbird. in FF, when i pressed "F" it opened the drop down under "File", pressed "E" and it activated the drop down in "Edit" etc etc. Pressing home page prompted me to "save".

Using the TB and FF shortcuts on desktop did not take me to them, it simply had the same effect as right clicking and selecting properties.

i changed keyboard batteries, banged it a bit, and soon it got back to normal.

Mate of mine reckons my PC has been cimnpromised, i had my firewall down for 10 minutes yesterday to get my kids Wii online.

Scans so far show no issues.

How can i tell if my pc is safe to use ?


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actually, found the ALT key was jammed down !!!

have cleared ther "sticking" and now can see how the problem occured.

press ALT, keys switch to alternartive use, and the exact same thing happens.

press it again, and they revert to normal !!

BUT, issue still remains, with firewall down for 10 minutes, am i likely to be compromised ?


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