I would if I had some spare time, but I have too much work to do and reformating takes a long time. I have tried to contact McAfee using their free service and they want me to talk to one of their experts which costs alot (around £50). I will try and find a sollution elswhere if I can not I will have to reformat during summer holidays.

Reformatting should really only take a couple hours.

reformatting may take a couple of hours, but the thing that takes a long time is backing up all of my important files. Locating them and the copying and pasting them. i don't have an external hard drive so i have to use USBs and CDs, so I have very limited memory and need to choose the most important files.

Well, if you are not going to use the computer at all then waiting until summer would be fine. But using an infected computer will only make things worse plus you run the risk of infecting others if you use email