I am not a computer genius and I use my PC just to send or receive emails. Recently while accessing my emails, I noticed these pop ups (which are advertising some product) came up and automatically divert the browser to that page. It has become a regular feature. I am not sure if it is a virus or any other glitch. I don’t have any antivirus software installed on my system and now I am looking for one. I googled it and found that Norton antivirus matches my requirement and found a good deal here http://www.checkoutsoftware.com/symantec/norton-antivirus-2008_p4232 . I wanted to know that apart from buying it is there any other way out? I use windows XP home 32 bit with 256 MB of RAM.

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Tech mags did a survey about a year or more ago and found that here was very little difference if any between the good pricey anti virus and the freebies.
I have used both AVG or AVAST and both have given long and reliable anti vius (and in hte case of AVG internet security as well.

There are plentlyof free progs out there for pop ups as well. Try googling on security free software or similiar etc.


Here is the link for AviraFREE an excellent antivirus program. Download, install and update it. Run a Full System scan and allow it to remove or quarantine all that it finds.
Then go HERE
Follow ALL of the steps given WITH THE EXCEPTION of Deckard Scanner which is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Do all scans requested and allow the removal of all items found. Save the logs from all scans completed.
Substitute instead HiJackThis for the FINAL step. Do a Full System Scan with it and save the log.
Post back here with the logs from MBA-M, ESET Online Scanner and the HiJackThis log.

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