Well i'm new here.. but i got an annoying thing.

I got a virus called Raktemp.exe.
NOD32 kept moving it to Quarantaine, and now it's there 33 times..
I installed adobe dreamweaver cs4 today..

But i guess it will come back sometimes, and i just wanna make sure i don't have some bad virus he doesn't see anymore.

Also in my windows folder i found welik.exe countaining a trojan horse..
But i cant delete it.

i hope you can help me,


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Hello Markzyyy,

I suggest you read the read me's Here. You may also have better look posting this in the virus forum - you are more likely to get a better response rate.


Hi Mark

Restart your computer into safe mode by pressing the F8 key on start up Keep pressing until safe mode comes up. choose Safe Mode then let the system start

The icon will be larger than normal this is ok. Click on start and find the folder called Eset. Find NOD32 and click on it ... the menu will appear for Nod32. Then click on the drive you want to check... then click on Actions.... this is where you tell Nod32 what to do with the virus if it finds one.... Click on clean and then on the right hand side select delete. this means that if the virus cannot be cleaned it will delete it. Dont worry at this time about the ones in the quaratine. Now click on Scan and clean and let the system do a full scan ... give it time.... once the scan is done check the results... Restart PC in normal mode go to Nod 32 and open quarantine click on the first item there then scroll to the bottom hold the shift key down and click on last one ......right click the highlighted items and select Delete ..... restart machine items in quaratine should be gone

hope this helps let us know


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