I'm running IE6 and I've had this virus for awhile now, but it's gotten to the point where I can't uninstall the certain antivirus program I've been using that rhymes with Ack-a-fee (please do not use this program's actual name as it appears to close IE anytime a page has the word on it).

Basically I've had it for awhile and it didn't bother me because I had ack-a-fee and it kinda was good enough and it didn't adversely affect me unless searching for antivirus related programs, so I let it sit. Well basically my Ack-a-fee subscription ran out and I wanna just run some free AV programs, but now it won't even let me uninstall Ack-a-fee. Everytime anything related to the program opens, it is immediately closed. In internet explorer, whenever I search for any well-known AV programs, it will immediately close the window, and it will also close any windows that appear to contain the names of any well known antivirus programs.

I downloaded Malwarebytes, scanned it, and it picked up a large number of things that Lava's A-Aware (speaking somewhat cryptically so this page doesn't close when opened) missed, as well as a few antivirus programs, but still I have this problem, continuously.

I can't run Ack-a-fee, it closes every time. And I can't uninstall it. I picked up an AV called "Comodo", and it too cannot trace the virus/malware, nor can Lava's A-aware or Malwarebytes.

Does anyone recognize this/know what i can do?


ALSO, I hadn't heard of H-jack this until I got to this website, and I can't open the thread that has any download links I need to provide the logs that a lot of threads appear to request. So I can't post a log, I don't think.

Edit 2 ---

This doesn't just happen with IE6. It also happens with Firefox (kept up to date) and Maxthon.

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Download new security software, if it wont let you go to the sites go to a torrent site and download a free program from there (an actual free-ware program that's shared on a torrent site). Uninstall the current program while in safemode, and install the other one the same way. If you really can't get online in a functional way download firefox or Opera which are usually less vulnerable to these things.

Opera doesn't work at all, never loads any pages, though I admit I've never used it before - only IE, Firefox, and Maxthon.

That said I know I need new security software, but I'm also needing to know more than just how to install new software or get rid of the old. I need to know what I can do to fix this problem. I've already downloaded a few new softwares as is, including several recommended on this site, none of them pick it up. Does anyone recognize what's going on here?

Any links associated with well known Antivirus programs or anti-malware programs or H-Jack this (which I believe is from Trend?) cause IE to automatically close, and of course my old virus protection program closes over and over no matter what, though my new one (Comodo) runs just fine, it just does not detect the Virus/Malware.

The link issue is why I suggested downloading them from a torrent site. It's not conventional links and shouldn't cause the problem.

Getting ack-a-fee off and real security software on your system is the first step in troubleshooting. Did you acquire Comodo with ant-vir or just comodo firewall? Generally speaking having two annti-vir programs running at once will cause serious problems, so it's important to get rid of Ack-afee first.

You should also try IE in safemode, that might let you browse safely.

I never realized how hard it would be to do this without including terms that will set off these viruses, sorry if I'm not making any sense.

No one cares what MS thinks, looking at whole Windows family you have to wonder what's moving inside their heads. They are true security n00bs. They are professionals in paper but not in reality. I'd love to have some conversations with those who are responsible for XP's default "security".
"sometimes" And was that a case we were having with Ultraviolet?

Click start > Run type in inetcpl.cpl
Next go to the advanced tab and locate "Enable third party browser extentions" uncheck this. Apply the setting. Next go into the programs tab and click manage addons.
Look for any number/letter entry or entries that do not have a publisher and disable them. Spybot S&D will have one.(This can be left alone) Next close out of all instances of the internet. The next thing to do is clear out your hosts file
or c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\
You can either edit this and delete entries found there or delete the file called hosts.
You can also do a search for hosts and delete the files that are just plain hosts you don't need to remove the lmhost files.

Next you should be able to browse and navigate as usual.

Hope this helps.
McAfee is great when it comes to anti-virus. But you still do need an anti-spyware program just to be safe.

Good luck :D

Try findout the running mallware application form Taskmanager and end it. Note don't endtask the system files and explorer. This may shutdown your computer. Go for Trend micro Internet security 2008. it is good but take lot of PF usage

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