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Well there not 100% reliable and if the problem goes deeper than jsut deleting the entry I don't think it tells you how to fix it thats why it's best to post them here since we can remove the trouble by deleting/fixing the registry/file


Maybey these can be pinned? Please excuse me if they have already been posted or pinned in this forum. Here are 2 sites that will read hijack this logs and they are automated. No waiting for someone to read them. From every thing I have seen they are pretty acurate. Hope this helps. http://www.help2go.com/modules.php?name=HJTDetective or http://www.hijackthis.de/

I tried one of these last week (I think it was the .de one), and it marked several things as being bad that were not, and did not catch several thing that actually were bad.

With new 'baddies' coming out all the time, I don't think a program could even be made that could do an accurate fix. As far as HJT's are concerned, I think the manual method is the way to go.

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