I'm running Spybot 1.3. Every time I scan with it the DSO exploit spyware is there again, despite Spybot telling me it fixed it.
I read the closed thread about DSO Exploit and how there is a downloadable fix for it. When I went to the download page it said I must have Spybot Search and Destroy 1.3 Final installed.

What is this 'Final' version???

And just what is DSO Exploit???

And is there a comprehensive guide to spyware, adware and tracking cookies that actually tells you where they came from (from a software bundle or over the web), so that decisions about fixing are made easier???

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The report of the dos exploit is a bug in spybot as you know ,if you have the latest windows security updates its nothing to worry about the DSO security exploit has been fixed for a few months now .


If you do not have the beta version of spybot, then you have the final version, so you can download the fix :).


A Beta version is a product that is not Final :mrgreen:. It's an unfinished product that can be very buggy and unstable that is released for testing purposes to find the bugs in it's programming etc. These are then (hopefully) reported back to the developer to be corrected.
When done, the product becomes *Final.*

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