I've posted the following in the PCI hardware forum, but was wondering if a worm or virus might be the cause. I have run AdAware and Spybot and they found nothing. I will install and run HighJackthis and post here.

Here's my problem:
I recently moved my Dell Dimension 4400 from one room to another. Upon setting it back up, I found I no longer have connection to the internet via my DSL. My DSL modem has only 2 LEDs lit - so I know it has power and it is sending to the computer. The 3rd LED is out which means the modem is not RECEIVING info from the computer. The first thing I tried to do was to go to my Network Connections screen. There were no icons! So I tried to create one. The computer couldn't find the NIC. I also tried rebooting in "Last Known Good Configuration" - still no NIC or internet connection.

When I looked in Device Manager, I had yellow ! marks under the heading "Unknown". I removed them all and rebooted the computer.
Upon restart, the computer found new hardware, but everytime it installs it, I get the yellow !s. I am down to two "unknown devices": Intel(r) PRO/100+ Management Adapter and WAN Miniport (ATW).

I know the WAN Miniport is an AOL thing (don't ask - I can't bear to give up my AOL address so I log on for email purposes only via TCP/IP). Unfortunately, I do not have a CD from DELL with all my drivers. I downloaded drivers at work and burned a CD, and tried to reinstall the drivers, but that didn't work. I also changed out cables and tried switching the card to another PCI slot.

Oh, I do not have system restore b/c it was turned off before this happened. I also cannot access AOL via dial up (the WAN Miniport is "unknown"). This has been happening to quite a few people and no one has found a solution yet. However, someone did correlate this incident with the download of the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool. This poster restored her system before d/l of this update and refuses to d/l it again. However, once the update is installed, it runs then deletes itself. So, if it did install on my computer, it did it's thing and is gone now.

Any of you virus gurus think it's a worm?

PS. I'm running Windows XP home edition

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