Recently PC tools antivirus has started creating problems for me.
It does not start at startup and displays an error 102. I tried to correct it by going to its services using run>>services.msc where the status showed it(the service) had been stopped. I clicked on the start button it was almost going to start but gave me another error message and stopped.
Even it has blocked my internet connection. When I right click on "connect to internet " icon I get the option of disable connection..even when the net has not been enabled.
I have Windows XP installed.
I tried to uninstall PC Tools Antivirus but even that does shows a message "Cannot delete service".
I tried to use spybot to scan for virus but even that stopped working mid way.
I tried to save a logfile using HijackThis but there it gave me a server busy error message.

Any help in this matter will be highly appreciated.

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Try to reinstall over the top of it... that may give you the Repair installation option, in which case you can stop there. Or it may just reinstall and correct any settings, files. Then uninstall, if it will, and reinstall again.

Thanks for your reply.
I think I forgot to tell that I run two anitivirus programs..Avast and PC Tools Antivirus ....for the first both were conflicting with each other which caused the error so I uninstalled Avast and PC Tools AV started working fine.And everything is now ok. I would like your opinion on this ..Which antivirus should I run on my PC - Avast or PC Tools AV ?

Ah. Two active AV services. One never knows how they will interact - it seems to be often badly and unpredictably. Rule is, don't use more than one.
PC Tools use a rebadged AV service, I forget which.
You would need to check AV service test reviews to judge which suits you best. I mean, their performances in actual tests, where they are put up against 100's of known viruses and other malware and their results noted. Ggogle for them. A german site has a lot of information on AV services.

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