Hi there I’m very computer illiterate and need help please. I keep getting Spyware pop up ads to buy Spyware protection. I also noticed my homepage has been changed to about:blank and I can not change it back and that I now have search assistant and I can’t uninstall. I tried scanning with Spyware Doctor and got these two messages.

An exception in Check Tasks: External exception C0000006

An exception in Check Tasks: List index out of bounds (7)

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Get Hijack This there is a download link in my sig and once it is downloaded close all other running apps and scan and save a log and post that log here.


For the About:Blank Search Assistant thing, follow this link to the tutorial:


It worked for me, hopefully, it will for you too.

As for the popups advertising spyware removers for those popups, that sounds like Messenger service spam. To disable Messenger Service Spam, click Start -> Run. In the box, type in "services.msc". A window will come up with a bunch of stuff listed in it. Go down to where it says "Messenger" and double-click on it. Click on the "STOP" button, then where it says "Startup type:" click the dropdown box and choose either Manual or Disabled. Then X out of all that and you should be done.

You should also do what OurNation says, he's pretty good at doing the HijackThis stuff.

I hope I've helped!

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