A friend of mine is having some problems with Internet Explorer after getting rid of spyware with cwshredder and spybot S&D. She opens up IE and it shows her homepage (www.google.ca), but then switches to http:///. In the same way, if she types in another page, it'll show momentarily, then switch to http:///. She's got Firefox and Windows Explorer hasn't been affected, so she's not really suffering in the use of her machine, but she's contemplating reformatting because she hasn't got a clue as to what's going on with her machine.

Any ideas?

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All I know is that the World Wide Web Consortium technically says that there should be three backslashes after any case of file:whatever. I don't know the specifics but Unix machines used to (or still do, i dunno i'm no guru) use three backslashes, while windows platforms depended on the browser to interpret what they meant. I know this doesn't at all answer your question of why websites momentarily show up. Tell your friend to try going to
http:///www.google.ca thats all i can guess.

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