OK I just disabled 3rd party cookies in my browsers. I also blocked those IPs with windows firewall, not sure if I did it correctly. Here's how I did it:
ran wf.msc to open Windows Firewall with Advanced Security >> Made a new rule in Inbound Rules and same in Outbound Rules >> in scope tab I added those IPs for Local IP Addresses & Remote IP Addresses >> in Action tab I checked the box to Block the Connection. >> and all the rest left it default... Let me know if that will do it.
Yes my router has a firewall but I'm not sure how to configurate it properly...

Ok, I am also going to recommend that you download SpywareBlaster, install update and then ENABLE ALL PROTECTION, including Restricted Sites section. It is a MUST HAVE as far as I am concerned, wouldn't run my computer without it. It works on all Windows systems from 98 forward. It is FREE. You must check it manually for updates unless you purchase it. I use the free version. It will do the following:

* Prevent the installation of ActiveX-based spyware and other potentially unwanted programs.
* Block spying / tracking via cookies.
* Restrict the actions of potentially unwanted or dangerous web sites.

and it does all this WITHOUT running in the background. It DOES work.

Alright I'll give it a try for Outpost and SpywareBlaster. I will have running 5 security programs lol, Nod32, MBAM, SAS, SB, Outpost that should keep me safe... :D

Hopefully. But watch where you surf and WHAT you do. Re-read my post about HOW you get infected.

did you read how I used my windows firewall to block those IPs?

Yes, is this the instructions you used? I don't have Vista so I don't have all these options on the Windows Firewall on XP.
Check out this thread and see if you are following the correct settings there.

also take a look at this one

and here

jholland1964 and PhilliePhan I appreciate for taking your time and helping me ! You guys made me more aware of all the nasties floating around and got my computer secured.
Thank You !

You're welcome. Are all problems fixed? If so then you can mark it solved.

Those IPs are still coming but I blocked them with the firewall :)

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