I was at my brother's last night and his pc was getting an error message when booting or logging into.

I did not take full note of the error, but it read:
Atlcu32.exe something to the effect of .... %filename%.dll in the C:\windows\system 32 is not valid ...

uhm,.. I'm sorry i don't have much more information as that was late last night and i'm here at work, not by his PC.

I just tried doing a quick search on ATlcu32.exe in Google and i did not find it.

I was just wondering what that was. Thought maybe someone here may know what it.

And Oh yeah my brothers pc is a new Gateway with Norton Antivirus installed, however he hasn't updated it or ran it in a while. Also, it was SP1 and windows update wasn't set to automatically run.

Naturally i upudated his NAV and scanned HD in which it found a trojan virus.
I also ran the Windows update till it got the SP2. (there were alot of updates done).

At that point when i went to reboot, the pc continued to get that error msg: and then it just hung. The keyboard wasn't responding not even to CntL /Alt /Delete. I rebooted a few time to no avail

I wanted to boot to safe mode and do further troubleshooting but it got late into the night already.

thx in advance

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Ouch- it's really strongly recommended that you not upgrade to SP2 on an infected or otherwise problematic system. Bad Things can happen, as it seems you may have discovered. :(

I'm quite certain that the Atlcu32.exe file is a component of a malicious infection, but it sounds like you'll have to get past the boot-up isue before we can deal with disinfecting the system.

Let us know whether or not you can even get into the system via Safe Mode and we'll take things from there.

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