Anyways guys, i have a desk top, and a laptop, but right now lets just talk about the laptop, My laptop will not let me install most antivirus programs, such as avira, AVG and and a few others, But the ones that i'm able to install is, AVAST, NOD 32, but both of them are not detecting any threats, And my MALWAREBYTES program won't up date, So i update it on my DESKTOP, and copy all the files to a usb from, the PROGRAMS, DATA, APP, and user folders, and then replace all of the files on the laptop, and thats the only way i can update it, but still, it is not detecting anything, same with spybot search and destroy, Does not detect anything either,
Why it is troubling me is this, Everytime i plug in a USB, there are these files in them thats hidden, Named = WINAMP.EXE,RUDLLE.exe,MALWAREBYTES.EXE, and the names keep on changing everytime i delete them with unlocker.
Even when i take out the stuf i have in them and reformatt it 10 times, They keep on popping back, I'll delete them, take my usb out, and when i put it back in the USB hub, what do you know, the EXE files are back, just a different name, always IN capital letters.... CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE, AND TELL WHAT THIS COULD BE... THANKS

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