There's this virus on my computer that won't let me acces Internet explorer or Firefox (My 2 only ways of browsing the web).

Also won't let me run a virus scan or play any programs(When I do it ends up in a Blue Screen).

Note: 1. I cannot download anything.
2. I am NOT using the infected computer right now.
3. My Antivirus cannot run a scan but can still block viruses.
4. Before I run a program or try to access the net (using firefox, When i use internet explorer it doesn't say anything and just doesn't let me.) a notification pops out and says:
"System32/16.exe.exe requested to terminate the program in an unusual way" and goes to the blue screen..
5. BEFORE all this happened the computer changed it's theme and i can't restore it.
6. I don't know if this is a work of the virus, but my sound stopped working after another crash.

Please help with this HUGE problem.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi and welcome to Daniweb,
Use the machine you are using to post here and download "Ultimate Boot CD" from...
Make a Cd and boot your machine from that. You can get rid of any viruses and download any other virus checkers you want then you can boot your Windows normally and you should be OK. Read the information here about keeping your machine free of malware/spyware/viruses.

Hey bob and thanks for the reply.

Forgot to mention my disk reader on the infected machine is broken. Terribly sorry. :S

My name is George and i need help with my compture. I got a viruse like one week ago and i can not download any thing or check my control panel to get ride of it. I could go on the internet but only for 30 min and then it shuts down. My compture is Dell window XP and could you please help me get ride of the viruse.

sir, many types of viruses are giving trouble in my computer. if u have solution then please email me the tools and suggestions.

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