My laptop is Lenovo 3000 it was infected with worm.win32.netsky and InternetSecurity 2010 i removed these and restarted my laptop but from then it starts shows wall paper and log off and then shuts down. It happens even in safe mode with networking.

Is there a way where i can gain access to my computer.
I dont know anything regarding the hardware .

Thank u for reading

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Did you manually remove the viruses? If so, did you follow the instructions exactly? In any case, you can buy an external hard disc enclosure, remove the one on the Lenovo (careful not to make pressure on it's center or letting it fall) and insert ir into the enclosurel, then you can backup your photos and music to another computer. After you are sure you have everything you need, reinstall the hardisk on the lenovo and:

1- reinstall the operating system from scratch with the disk that came with it
2- Do a system restore, if the computer has a system restore option, do that first.It should appear on the BIOS loadup (the black screen that appears very fast before the windows logo) Press F-something on that screen ad follow the instructions.
Good luck. Hope i've helped.

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