Hi guys,
Firstly I'd like to thank you guys for such a great forum, you have helped me out of quite a few sticky situations!

So here is another one.:lol:

I have been getting these emails for he last month or so, sometimes upto 10 or more a day and cant find a solution anywhere, I have tried to google it but defining the search criteria is a little difficult.

Here is what they look like.


Anybody seen them and know how to stop them?

All help much appreciated.



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i get it too its just some conman spamming you (junk mail)

Yeh, I know its spam, as my email program flags it as spam! But when Im getting over 10 everyday it really winds me up!:mad:

So something to stop it would be great.


i get 80 or so a day as spammers get my email adress off of websites where i list it in order for people to get help from me (such as here)

If you have Office Outlook (not sure about express) - thunderbird or whatever ought to be able to do it too you can set message rules

in office outlook 2003:

tools -> rules and alerts , and make a custiom rule which moves anything from senders on your blacklist and which contains certian words (such as "buy viagra" or "credit card details" "make millions") to a certain folder. You then make another rule which says that this folder will be emptied every X days and it basically blocks all spam

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