Hi all,
I was not sure if I should post here or software but...
I have been running Microsoft Security Essentials now for about 1 month and I have had no problems up till this week. On two occasions only out of maybe 10 the program failed to start correctly on bootup. It would load into the task bar but in red and I would get a Windows security message that my PC was at risk as there was no antivirus....
Note: I do have programs that access the internet as soon as I have a connection, while they should be safe sites, (updaters etc) without an antivirus program running leaves me vulnerable to infection.
When I right click the red icon, click "Open" I need to click "Start" in the open window for it to start protecting.
Running XP SP3 fully updated
P4 AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 1.37GB RAM
Home built desktop

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I needed to go into services.msc and set to Automatic the services, Windows Installer Service, Cryptographic Services and BITS. Problem solved.

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