Hi there, my mouse curser has started darting about the screen on its own - it has been suggested this may be a virus - has anyone heard of this type of thing. I have run my anti-virus but nothing found

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Have you tried:

a) reinstalling the mouse driver.

b) Using a different mouse.

c) cleaning the sensors and rollers inside the mouse.

I have the same problem. The cursor starts moving all over the screen and starts left and right clicking on everything at random. After a few seconds it stops and I regain control. It happens no matter what application I am running at the time. Drivers have been reloaded and the mouse is clean. Any suggestions? thanks

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My mouse was doing the same thing............ran anti-virus and ran microsoft anti-spam and it works fine 4 now........!!!!!!!!!

I have had this similar problem at home.

I have a Logitech brand wireless mouse and it has been creating a real problem for me lately.

For the last three months or so, the mosue has taken control of my computer and has opened applications, clicked and dragged icons, deleted text from my email and documents, and has caused me many sleepless nights and minutes of lost productivity.

I initially thought it was a bad resistor in my surge protector. The florescent lighting was suspect as well but that was ruled out after calling in an electrical contractor. There was suspicion that it may be caused by electrical interference and/or static electricity. That is an issue that I am currently trying to look into.

I am getting really close to reformating my computer in hopes that this would resolve my issue. Should I do this?

I have scanned my hard drive with multiple antivirus programs and spyware programs. Nothing unusual was found.

Has anyone else experienced this?

What did you do to resolve it?

Oh, and I have even contacted Microsoft and Ligitech to see if there are any driver issues or recalls for the mouse. No recalls and no new drivers!!!

What am I going to do?

heck, even cheaper than a elect contractor is a wired mouse. five bucks tops from a cheapo store? buying one to see if it eliminates your problem would be a great n obvious first step. the transmission from a wireless mouse is digital, encoded randomly, limited to about 4m range, and as such is fairly secure. you could suspect a bit of nastiness in your pc such as backdoor trojans...
of course, you reinstalled your mouse driver, didn you..?
[and why the piggyback?? if you're really interested in solutions, start a new thread. respect DMR.]

Hi there, my mouse curser has started darting about the screen on its own - it has been suggested this may be a virus - has anyone heard of this type of thing. I have run my anti-virus but nothing found

Mine has just been doing this too...Can anyone help us? I am trying to subsribe back on to my internet "software" and just start to back everything up because it seems like things are about to go ape sh/.. soon. I hope not though.

mine is doing this and playing frere-jacques! (JK)

Can not anyone follow directions? DMR kindly asked that anyone who is having a problem no matter how similar to the original post, please start a new thread, and do not piggy back the first post. And you all wonder why you are not getting responses?:icon_rolleyes:

I ampretty sure it is a ghost of your future.

Try a different mouse, try a different USB port, scan with multiple antivirus software.

This is often caused by glitchy sensors. If cleaning and reinstalling drivers doesn't work, try replaing the device. Mine sometimes just stops for a minute. No random movements though, thankfully. That would drive me nuts! It's fully optical, with radio connection to the USB bus (along with keyboard), so there are no mechanical linkages.

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