Basic rundown:
Computer is up for 10min and after that it gives the BSOD and user has to restart the system.

Some say kernel stack inpage error is hardware, others say it's a virus. Which is it?


Microsoft says this about it, but this girl's comp, her 3.5" floppy disk drive doesn't work! 0x00000077 is the first set of numbers followed by a few others. Also, she doesn't have a winxp cd...

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Try following the steps listed on this thread. Chances are that it's a virus, I had the same issue and followed these steps.


Also, try downloading the MS Malicious Software Removal Tool from the microsoft website, you might get lucky and have it solve your problem.

Resetting your paging cache might extend the time that the computer is up:

Right click on my computer -> properties -> advanced system settings -> performance -> settings-> advanced -> virtual memory -> change -> no paging file -> set. Restart. Go back to the paging options you were just at and set paging to "system managed size" hit set again then restart.

If the computer won't start at all you might be out of luck. Try switching in another hard drive and see where that gets you.

Best of Luck,

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