I have a custom built computer with a Pentium 4 CPU 2.66 GHz.

The operating system is Windows XP Professional, Version 2002, Service Pack-1.

After the computer completes start-up, I get the following error message:

"RUNDLL: Error loading C:\windows\system 32\bridge.dll. The specified module could not be found."

I'm not sure, but I believe the problem may have started after installing and running the latest versions of "Ad-aware 6.0" and "Spybot-Search & Destroy", then deleting the problem items that were found.

Any help removing this problem from my computer would be greatly appreciated.

I thank you in advance...

Please look in all of the other bridge.dll threads in this forum- the answer has been posted in them many times before.

I have looked at all the other bridge.dll threads. They are all individualized for specific Hijack-This log files. I have read many times not to piggyback a thread, in fact you, DMR, wrote:

"Please do not "piggyback" your questions onto this thread- start a new, separate thread of your own.

While your problem may be similar (or even identical) to the original poster's question, it becomes very difficult to keep track of which answers relate to which question otherwise."

I also read not to post a Hijack-This log file until requsted to do so. I follow your guidelines and then you tell me to look into the other threads.

I guess I will try posting a Hijack-This log file.


I have posted a new thread that includes my HijackThis Logfile.


Im have an error with bridge.dl starting the computer. Can some one help me. To repair it .

Im have an error on starting the computer
Error loading C:\windows\system32\kmdkscqd.dll
The specified module could not be found

I have an error on starting the computer Rundll
Error loading C:/windows/system32/wjbw...dll


I signed up to a website that i thought was free it was called mysexworld.com and well ive had pop ups everytime ive gone on the internet and i could not get rid of it even though ive tried to delete it and get rid of the account but well it doesnt appear to be there. The thing is i have a pop up when i am on Windows and it does it to every exe i have on my desktop and also on my hard drive it has the same message that pops up.

btaskv.dll the specified module could not be found but that wasnt there a few days ago im guessing ive had a virus on there thats attacked my exes.

I can't access anything on my desktop play any games or even do anything on my PC because something has attacked my Exes and i want to know how to get rid of the problem so i can access those programs again but its on every hard drive thats the thing about it i dont know what to do about it and i think there is a file missing from system32 there has to be a file missing otherwise it wouldnt come up with a message like that. If i cant fix the problem myself what do i do about it?

for all those who are getting the dll error when the stat the pc do this

click start>run type msconfig, go to the startup tab and remove any reference to the dll file. then go to the windows\system32 or system directory to revome the file. if u are comfortabe with the registry u can do this in the registry also.

Ive tried that but it wont let me do it
I cant even go to the downloads directory because it keeps appearing with RUNDLL btaskv.dll the specified module could not be found. It says you do not have sufficient security previleages to restore your system please contact your administrator or logout and log in again as an administrator and try again. My dad has suggested i go to safe mode to try and get that file back and he has suggested i go on his pc and get that file back but i dont think it will let me do it because of that error message that keeps popping up i have an idea that the mbs bill system caused that problem as it didnt happen before. My dad said if it doesnt work im gonna have to reinstall windows to cure the problem but i want to prevent losing all the files ive got on each hard drive as ive made images on there so if i did have to do that would i lose all the images ive made?

If all you guys started your own thread rather than dredge up a 3+ year thread, I am sure you would get the assistance you seek :D.

Oh rite ok
i need help big time

What do I do with this message?
Can I delete it?

Hi peterjag.

First of all- welcome to Daniweb :).

We ask that members not piggy-back questions on to a thread previously started by another member here in the Viruses, Spyware & other Nasties forum, (regardless of how similar your problem might seem). Not only does it divert the focus of the thread away from the original poster's problem, but it also makes it less likely that you yourself will get the individual attention that you need.

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Thanks for understanding.

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