My brother's Windows user account started misbehaving last night. He could no longer open Internet Explorer, iTunes, Windows Explorer, MSN Messenger, and probably many others he hasn't tried (Firefox is fine). The actual processes do run, but they never get anywhere. For instance, Messenger's system tray icon is there, but I can't right click on it,and the main window never appears,nor does it connect on its own. In the task manager window, iexplore will appear every time i click the shortcut, but the windows never emerge.

I tried running AdAware to scan for problems, and the computer slowed down to the point that it couldn't finish.

I rebooted the computer and logged in on my own account, where everything was working normally. The problem is on his account and his alone. I ran AdAware, and though it found some objects, it didn't fix the problem on his account. I did a complete virus scan of the system and ran Spybot. Trojans and adware showed up on all of the programs, but getting rid of them still has not fixed the problem.

I downloaded hijackthis, if that's what I'll need. I'd really appreciate any help or insight youcould give. Thanks!

In addition to Ad Aware and SpyBot, download, install, and run:

ewido Security Suite -
Microsoft Anti-Spyware beta -

Open each program, use its online update feature to get the most current definitions installed, at run it. After each utility completes its fixes, reboot before continuing on to the next utility; have the utilities fix all of the problematic/malicious items they find.

The ewido utility will generate a report log; save that file and copy/paste it into your next post.

If you have trouble running the utilities while boot into Winodws normally, run the utilities while booted into Safe Mode instead (you get to the safe mode boot option by hitting the F8 key as your computer is starting up).

Microsoft Anti-Spyware didn't do it for me, but Ewido did. Thanks a lot.

You're welcome; glad that worked for you. :)

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