I had a virus that I got rid of by deleting a folder in APPDATA in Vista. Now that it's gone when I rebooted I've noticed the following programs are unable to connect to the internet: Internet Explorer, my weather network gadget, Microsoft Outlook and probably more. Netscape, firefox, and bittorrent however are connecting. I read on the internet to reset internet explorer and/or reset to original advanced settings and that didnt work. Please help..thanks.

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No, I've emptied my recycle bin since. I tried searching the folder on the web with no luck. It was named tdulh or something.


Thanks for the help. After diagnosing my connection in IE it said go.microsoft.com couldnt establish a connection with the web so I searched that line on google and all I had to do was click automatically detect settings instead of using a proxy server in IE. Now everything works. Thanks again.

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