ok this is my problem, one day i was on my computer and one of my friends on aol instant messenger sent me a link saying, "is this you?' but with a web address so seeing as it was my friend i clicked it and it automatically downloaded something onto my computer. I didnt know what had happened so i just kept on with my work until all my friends on aol instant messenger said, "whats this link you sent me?", and i didnt know what they were talking about but apparently i had sent them the same word for word and link message my friend had sent me. I then asked a friend of mine if he knew what it was and told me it was a bot virus and that it spreads to other people through my aol instant messenger, but then my internet just went down and when i check the connection it says connected but it has no sent or recieved packets. So now whenever i turn on my computer it lets me stay on the internet for about 20 minutes then it goes out. So i tryed downloading a trial version of panda titanium antivirus 2005 and it said it was detecting an, "exploit/lsass" and it was blocked, but after 4 days out of 30 of the trial version my internet started loosing connection again and im guessing that it has found away around the panda antivirus firewall. i have ran adaware se professional and the panda antivirus and it still does not remove it. Its also weird because the internet will shut off about 20 minutes after the computer is started, but if i go in to th network manager and click repair it will regain connectivity. someone please help me get rid of this, and once again with the virus it says its an "exploit/lsass", and my router still displays the ethernet at a steady green and in the network manager it says connected.

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ok i downloaded it and ran a scan on my c drive, and saved the report to the desktop, but are the files it finds automatically deleted? or is there more to the process?

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