I have had great results with one of my computers after coming to this forum - not so great on another one (I had to finally reformat and start over). The second one was really messed up with virus and spyware all over it.

A new computer I set up is doing great without an anti-virus (I had one running on the other two computer that had problems. I´m running without the anti-virus so I can see what happens, just a test. In fact, I´m using it now.

I run panda routinely but have had no hits so far after a week or so. I run Adaware and Spybot routinely, with hits every time.

My doubts are about the fact that I get something every time I run these spyware programs. Even if I run them two or three time in a row without accessing the web, they still find things. I can´t remember ever running them where I found nothing. I´m going to do this several times today to see what happens and I will report back.

Meanwhile, does anybody have an comments on this??

I run mine frequently and about the only time they find anything is after an update, and it's usually something that's been on here for a long time. If you keep finding things, even after fixing them, you may have an infection that is causing things to be recreated.

I´m going to do this several times today to see what happens and I will report back.

When you repost, please include the contents of the log/report files or at least tell us what SpyBot and AAW are finding. Some reported items do not necessarilly point to actual infections, but rather to areas/settings in your system which present a possible security or privacy threat. Some of these items (like the famous "DSO exploit" reported by SpyBot) are not things that the anti-spyware/anti-virus programs can correct themselves, and therefore will keep recurring in your scans.